rock landscape

Landscaping with rocks may sound difficult, but it can actually be quite simple with a few new tips and some fresh ideas. An outdoor rock garden is one of the most innovative, interesting ways to transform the outdoor landscape of your home. With so many varieties, there are no two that will look alike. A truly unique, underrated statement piece that requires minimal work on the part of a homeowner is almost too good to pass up! Some major benefits of outdoor rock gardens include:

1. A new, underrated way to create flow and refinement in your yard.

rock landscape

Rock garden recently done in Lauderdale by the Sea by Dreamscapes by Zury

Rock garden styles are so diverse, they can be used to anything from accentuating the beauty of a traditional flower garden to creating a sleek, modern space outside the home. Rock garden décor and art comes in all shapes and sizes; you can always incorporate statues, trees, walls, fountains and vegetation from succulents to shrubs. Rock gardens will become positive pieces of your landscape with or without plants, though.

2. A beautiful garden with minimal maintenance required.

rock landscaping

This type of garden is perfect for the homeowner that wants a creative outdoor space that they can enjoy without constant upkeep. Rock gardens often incorporate trees and grasses, but this fauna requires little to no maintenance. This drastically cuts down on costs, as traditional flower gardens require watering, general gardening tools, and often even separate lawn care services. Rock garden DIY supplies are basic, but enlisting a landscape designer eliminates those expenses.

3. A long-term investment in your home and your future.

Like every addition to your yard, rock gardens drastically increase the value of your home if you’re hoping to sell it in the future. The front yard of a residential space is the first-impression potential buyers have of a home, and may be the deciding factor if the seller puts the effort into improving it. If you care enough to build up the outdoor living space, it says a lot about how you maintain the structure and indoor area, as well.

4. Add value to your own use of the space.

rock landscape design

Rock gardens can be used to cover any problem spaces in your yard, such as a sandy space where a traditional garden would fail, or places where grass just doesn’t grow. These yard-upgrades will make utilizing the outdoor living areas more enjoyable than ever. Japanese rock gardens are very popular right now, and can be used in front, back, or commercial yards to create a more zen experience.

5. A beautiful yard all-year-round, in any climate.

landscape rocks

Rock gardens are a simple, organic solution to keeping a beautiful yard year-round. In wind, snow, rain, or hail a rock garden maintains its essential integrity and design. It can be incredibly frustrating spending all Spring cultivating a traditional flower garden, only to have Summer rains or heat kill them because the flora you’ve settled on cant survive in climates that change throughout the year. From California slopes to South Florida heat, rock gardens are both possible and plausible for any home.

6. Enhance the natural ambience of your space.

rock landscaping

Rock gardens occur naturally, and therefore enhance the natural beauty of your yard. There is no need to create an ostentatious design to fulfill the needs of your space. A simple, natural-looking rock garden may utilize the large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to customize the design to perfectly fit your style and home.

7. Protect planted shrubs, grass, and herbs from the environment.

rock landscaping

Wind, rain and snow erosion damage the soil and roots of some of the most durable plant-life that you may incorporate in a traditional garden. Taking advantage of the durability and protectivity of rocks is the perfect way to extend the lives of these, possibly expensive, investments. Rock flowerbeds are a simple and uncommon, but contemporary addition to any residential or commercial outdoor space and enhancement to any flower landscape.

8. A durable garden, perfect for growing families and homes that love to entertain.

rock landscape design

A rock garden can be trampled on by children and pets, explored by neighbors and friends, and even walked on regularly as paths through your landscape. One of the most convenient aspects of having a garden made of rock is that rocks only gain character with time, rather than eroding. It is natural for rocks to chip and change over time, and it means that your rock garden can last years, developing along with the rest of your home!

9. Can work in any shaped or sized yard.

landscaping rock designs

 Rock gardens can be uniquely designed and customized to fit the needs of your own space. Working with a landscape designer, you can incorporate any element, and you can organize any mixture of rock types and vegetation to make your yard look larger and fully optimize your space.

10. A garden that doesn’t decompose or attract bugs.

rock landscape design

This point is often overlooked, but it is a major highlight for incorporating a rock garden into your landscape design plans. Traditional flower gardens are vibrant and animated, but being living things, they die. Having living things in your garden requires maintenance, just like any other living creature, and can expire if neglected. Without having to worry about keeping a garden thriving, you can enjoy your space rather than working on it. And less dead plants means less insects that feed on those things. Keep your space, cool, clean, and calm with a rock garden.  

Best locations for a rock garden:

rock landscape design

An exciting thing about rock gardens is that they work in any and every location. Because they are so customizable, they fit in with the style or motif of any home, and they also are an easy way to upgrade any outdoor location, residential or commercial. You can hand pick your garden rocks to fit any type of ambience you want in your yard. In any climate, with any weather, a rock garden will survive, and also radiate your personal techniques and manners.

How to budget your rock garden expenses:

landscape rock designs

Rock gardens, compared to traditional designs, are significantly less expensive in the long-term because the costs of maintaining that kind of garden are entirely erased. Rock gardens are, most often, a one-time expense and investment in the home. The prices for installing such a piece range depending on the size and shape of the garden, which are entirely negotiable depending on the decisions made working with your landscape designer. Another couple of factors in pricing for your garden is the types of landscaping rocks you use, whether or not you want to incorporate a water feature, or what vegetation/flora you want to use, as well.  

How to get started:

rock garden design

Once you’ve decided that you want to incorporate a rock garden into your outdoor living space, the first step is to work with a landscape designer that is willing to listen and yield to your wants and needs. An inclusive design process ensures that you will be happy with your outcome, preferably working a company that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a realistic representation of your future garden. Once this design is to your liking, you can either continue to work with the company that composed it, or you can look around and be sure that you are getting the best price for the work that you want done. A professional landscaper will help you in more ways than one. Very specific plants are capable of growing in rock beds, and a landscape designer will make sure that you do not lose money in the process.