Sun and water– that is what beautiful South Florida has to offer its lucky residents. When the warmth of the sun draws you outside and the coolness of water keeps you there, you know you’re enjoying life to the fullest. The best local outdoor living designs embrace all Florida has to offer by balancing fire and water, excitement and relaxation. Our newest backyard design finds that perfect balance.

Water Features Bring You and Your Backyard to Life

There are numerous psychological benefits of being near water. Both the sight and sound of water improve feelings of wellbeing, increases prosocial behavior, and decreases depression. Essentially, it makes you feel good, brings people together, and makes you happy—which is exactly our goal with our latest outdoor living design.

Water is the main element of this modern design. By combining waterfalls, water fountains, and pools of water, we maximize the enlivening effect water has on people’s dispositions. The variety of sounds wash away the stress of life and centers you exactly where you want to be: home.

Fire Features Warm the Soul and Heal the Heart

Ying and yang. Earth and sky. Fire and water. Something about opposites coming together brings peace to our souls. With so many elegant water features, we wanted to balance this backyard living design with stunning fire features. By incorporating not one, but two fire pits, you can entertain your guests well into the cool Florida nights. Not to mention, cozying up next to fire has been proven to reduce blood pressure and help you relax.

Open Yet Connected Design

The large open space of this backyard design offers plenty of traditional seating as well as hardscape ledges to accommodate parties, big and small. The several different seating areas bring versatility to the space without cutting off your guests from others. The thoughtful design weaves the water and fire features throughout so all guests can benefit from their presence.

Fire, Water, and… Food!

Such a great entertaining space would fall short without an amazing outdoor kitchen. Stock the outdoor fridge with cold drinks and fire up the grill for a steady stream of refreshments and food. Topped off with the built-in sink, you won’t get stuck in your kitchen while the party continues outside. Even family dinners can be comfortably moved outside to enjoy the endless pleasant evenings South Florida supplies.

Backyard Designed to Bring People Together

This Dreamscape was designed to bring people together in a comfortable, peaceful, yet fun atmosphere. It can accommodate large social gatherings, but can also serve as a retreat for one. Whether entertaining a big group, hosting a few friends, or cozying up with a book and your dog, this ultimate backyard design offers comfort and peace for all to enjoy.

Dreamscapes by Zury serves residents in Parkland, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and nearby areas. If you feel inspired by this outdoor living design, contact us to discuss the personal oasis we can transport to your home.