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We are so excited to share this recent project we have just finished in the Cascata Parkland community! Cascata is new and budding local neighborhood, and we are so happy to work with clients eager to make their stylistic mark in their new homes! A dull exterior does nothing positive for first impressions, of both the individual house as well as the entire community. Dreamscapes by Zury transformed this Parkland landscape into a truly eye-catching masterpiece.

               As temperatures rise, many south Florida landscapes lose their luster as homeowners cannot maintain them between busy schedules and enjoying every Floridian’s favorite summer activities. The intense climate of South Florida is difficult to deal with for most homeowners during the long summer months as it shifts from record-breaking heat to severe thunderstorms within minutes. This is why it is the perfect time for you to hire a team of professionals to design and install an entire landscape that allows you to personalize your space in a way only Dreamscapes can.

               In this post we have included pictures that indicate the process our team underwent to revitalize the front yard space of this beautiful and unique home. Our signature incorporation of rock gardens into an exclusive botanic design really lifts the entire yard to a new level. While creating the perspective of a flowing water feature, the light colored rocks brighten the space and are a zero-maintenance required aspect, which our south Florida clients love for obvious reasons! Also evident in this installation is the mix of heights and textures that keep one’s attention without overwhelming the eye.

This installation is truly a piece of art that has been gifted to Parkland landscaping thanks to the work of the Dreamscapes team and the guidance of our Cascata client.