Before Installation Valencia Cove 1


Valencia Cove Design 4


We are honored to service such a wide range of locations with our landscaping designs and installations in the greater South Florida area. This Boynton Beach home originally had a very traditional, though somewhat outdated, front yard design. Dreamscapes by Zury worked to ensure that this yard would not only stand out, but inspire harmony, tranquility, and a true sense of natural beauty when incorporated into the space. The combination of different colors, textures, and heights in this installation make it incredibly eye-catching and unique, clearly designed with an artist’s touch.

In this case, the design is slightly different than the finished product because our client was inspired last-minute with a few new ideas for their Dreamscape, and client satisfaction comes before anything else when we are working with you. We are so pleased with the finished product, and we truly believe that these small, but important alterations to the design are what make the outdoor space your own. This is yet another benefit of having Dreamscapes by Zury install your design after it is ordered through us.