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boynton beach landscape design


Here’s another one of our landscape designs and installations in Boynton Beach. This is our 3rd house in a neighborhood called Valencia Cove and this one is a little different from the rest! Our client wanted a oriental style design, but at the same time wanted a very modern look.

We got custom glass art scuplted and created just for this project and it really adds a unique overall look to the landscape. Just like the other 2 projects in Valencia Cove, we incorporated the stones and pebbles to surround the landscape and create what is called a “river rock”. There are many benefits to having river rocks incorporated into a landscape design but probably the biggest one is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance as much!

(You can read more about the benefits of river rocks here)

What do you think about this landscape design in Boynton Beach? If you live in South Florida and want a design like this, contact us so we can get started with the landscape of your dreams!