Landscape Design
garden design

This beautiful landscape design really brought the whole house to life! We truly enjoyed working on this project and adding another Dreamscape to the city of Parkland. Our clients requested a zen design that would bring peace and tranquility, but also a modern design that would compliment their modern home. At Dreamscapes By Zury, we make sure that your landscape design is a part of your personality and fits your home perfectly. 

Our unique Asian-style gardens set us apart from all the other landscape designers and every year this type of design becomes more and more popular! Japanese designs have so many components to make it very distinctive, special, and symbolic to each person who wants one!

Some of the components used in Japanese designs are:

Water Features
Many Plants And Trees (for greenery and balance)

As you can tell, Japanese landscape designs really stand out when you add outdoor lighting! This is definitely a must and should really be taken into account by any landscape designer when creating the design. 

The type of materials used for oritental designs do really well in places like South Florida and don’t require as much maintenance as you may think.

If you want a design like this, make sure to contact us so we can get started with your Dreamscapes!