Landscape Design And Installation In Parkland Golf & Country Club


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Take a look at our latest installation from Parkland Golf and Country Club.  For us, no project is bigger or smaller; we put equal attention and dedication to every work we do.

Have a look on the ‘Before Picture’- Our installation included proper use of the pool area along with surrounding greenery installation like stone walkways and pavements. The stone walkway along with the gravel path has created a smooth counterpoint to the living walls.

Several varieties of trees and bushes were planted around the pool area to create a colorful, tropical, garden-like look. We used pebbles in geometrical designs to create a masterpiece of artwork around the pool area pathway. We concentrated on landscape lighting that brings a unique look to the country club. All the designs provided by us are unique, and they are mainly tailored to bring a contemporary outdoor setting that complements greatly with the club backyard.

We at Dreamscapes combine various software and skills to create a visually appealing landscape design. As all our landscape designs are customised, we always try to fulfil the requirement of our customers. Our team promises to make one-of-a-kind installation that is unique and eye-catching.

Our other landscape installations include Zen gardens, water features, pergolas, outdoor designs, fences, irrigation, hardscapes, vertical gardens etc. We also provide virtual reality design for customers. To know more, call us @ 954-937-1164.