parkland landscape


parkland landscape


We loved designing this project in Parkland very much! When our client called us he was just remodeling his entire backyard and there was absolutely no landscape. We took our time with him and gathered all of the ideas that he had, as well as gave some ideas of our own. Needless to say the backyard design ended up beautiful and he is extremely happy with the results!

At Dreamscapes By Zury, every job is treated equal, with much care, attention to detail, and quality service. We have been servicing all of South Florida for over 15 years and Parkland is one of our favorite locations! We use our expertise to guide the client in creating his / her Dreamscapes the best way possible to make sure that the outcome is always exactly what they had in mind if not better!

We specialize in this type of modern landscape design and this style really shows off how beautiful a landscape can look when its balanced with stones, pebbles, mulch, and of course the center of attention, the beautiful tree you see in the middle.

This type of landscape design is becoming very popular in Parkland, especially in Parkland Golf & Country Club, and we love it when our clients tell us about all the compliments they get from their neighbors.

The best part about this design in Parkland is that not only does it look beautiful, but because of the type of material used in the landscape, there is not much maintenance to keep up with. 

What is your favorite part about this landscape design in Parkland?
The tree in the middle? (our favorite)
The way the mulch and the stone create a “river rock” look?
The type plants used to give the landscape color? 

If you liked this design and are located in South Florida, give us a call so we can help your Dreamscapes come to life!

We have many other landscape jobs done in Parkland, check out our blog to see those and more!

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