This finished installation is one of our all-time favorite projects. The client’s style meshed beautifully with our designers’ ideas and yielded an interesting, mesmerizing, and harmonious outdoor space. Whenever our clients are willing to incorporate water features into their designs, we jump at the chance! We believe that water features are incredibly beneficial to the overall flow and dynamic of an outdoor space, but also maintain a unique ecosystem on their own, as well. This backyard design in Parkland, Florida is centered on a complex and extensive Koi pond water feature, including a rock formation with running, filtering water and a walkway that brings our clients into direct contact with the feature.

We love that our client was willing to put in the time and effort necessary to maintain a living ecosystem in their Koi pond because such an investment does require maintenance. The outdoor kitchen and bar area is craftily furnished with stone, stainless steel, and dark-stained wood to effortlessly progress into the water system. No matter when people are standing in this large back yard, they are together, connected by their surroundings. Although it is not visible in these pictures, there is also a system of lighting throughout the pond area that illuminates the entire yard for warmth and perfect entertaining at night.

The hanging foliage throughout this installation serves as a balancing force to the busy water feature that flows on a lower level. The greenery in necessary to bring light to the darkened wood that supports this modern Japanese structure. This is where our expertise as landscapers in the South Florida area for over fifteen years comes into play; we know what plants will survive in a darker, wet climate, in South Florida, and are still aesthetically pleasing. Our team is licensed and capable of designing and installing every aspect of an outdoor kitchen and backyard space like this one.