Exterior Design

The best part about this project is how simple it appears, knowing the level detail and the amount of work that has gone into it. Such modern, creative, and subtle spaces are difficult to arrive at, but our dedicated team of professionals knows how to combine hard work with artistic elegance to result in complete client satisfaction, every step of the way!

Our video opens with the front yard design for this modern Boca Raton, South Florida home. We love how open this client was to hearing our ideas for this space, and we were so excited to have so much to work with. Our team is so happy with the balance we achieved using different mediums in this part of the design. A clean, calming rock garden design and foliage transition into a mesmerizing, Zen water feature that works with the entrance to the home, rather than around it; simultaneously sophisticated and welcoming!

From selecting the type of rocks to use in a durable, lasting front-yard rock garden, to choosing exotic plants that will thrive in a South Florida climate, to implementing a functioning and complex, but deceptively effortlessly-looking, water feature, we will do it all to compose the perfect Dreamscape that reflects your own style and needs.

Although we are always concerned with how our designs look to our clients, one of our main priorities at Dreamscapes is functionality; we want every space we work with to be both comfortable and practical. For example, Dreamscapes specializes in creating unique water features for our clients, but we love to incorporate plants and lighting that enhance the effect of such features, but also these additions make features more practical for nighttime entertaining. Even recreational pools can be transformed into a breath-taking water feature like the infinity pool behind this Boca Raton home with the finesse and attention-to-detail you will always find with our Dreamscapes team.

This installation design also includes a large, state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen that flows naturally into an outdoor dining space, as well as an outdoor seating area. These areas are covered by the structure of the house, meaning they are crucial to melding the indoor and outdoor areas  This is so that guests are always comfortable when our client is entertaining, but also so that the backyard simply becomes an extension of the indoor living spaces; all part of one home. From here, the outdoor bar and fire-pit sections of the backyard tie everything together for our homeowners. The ultimate backyard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, you have to see this design to believe how well it all works together!

Dreamscapes most recent landscape design using our virtual design software shows just how realistic and substantive our products truly are. We have worked with our client and provided our own expertise to ensure that this design works for their South Florida home. This means that we have created this Dreamscape knowing exactly what kind of upkeep the client is willing to maintain in the future of their property, as well as what the targeted uses of the outdoor living spaces are. Only our professional design process allows you to create the perfect fit for your home and landscape utilizing any of our designs. 

3D Rendering: Dreamscapes By Zury
Exterior Design: Dreamscapes By Zury
Architectural Plans: Rex Nichols Architects

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