heron bay landscaping


This backyard design includes a modern pool, pergola, pavers, and an outdoor sitting area. We wanted to make this backyard an extension of the inside of the house to really connect everything together. The pool is very simple, yet still moden and shaped differently from most pools. We really took our time with the client to choose the perfect pavers to go along with this pool design and they are really happy with the outcome!

The Pergola that we chose is aluminum and up close it looks like dark wood. We always tell our clients to go for aluminum pergolas over wooden pergolas (especially in South Florida) because of the amount of maintenance a wooden pergola requires. Even though wooden pergolas are very beautiful, over time with the heat it can rot from the inside and they are receptive to mold and mildew. Not to mention that when you pressure clean a wooden pergola there is a high chance that you will chip off some paint. With an aluminum pergola you can avoid all of these problems! It’s also very important to note that aluminum pergolas provide more shade and can drastically cool down the temperature of your backyard.

If you would like to see an example of one of our wooden pergola installations click here.

We hope you liked this landscape design! Contact us if you have any questions on this project or if you’re looking to do a backyard design like this.