You Need To See This 4K Landscape Design In South Florida! (Parkland)

Backyard Landscape Design South Florida

We are one of the few landscape design companies in the United States that can create 4K walkthrough videos of your future landscape design to show you exactly what the end result is going to look like! This way, you never have to pay without knowing how the final product is going to turn out […]

South Florida Landscaping Ideas That Will Wow You and Your Neighbors

Parkland Landscape

South Florida temperatures are seldom below the mid-50s. The dominating characteristics are heat and humidity. When it comes to the Florida landscape, South Florida is tropical.  Plant selection is dictated by the weather. But there are other challenging issues as well. Water conservation is important. And there’s the constant battle with weeds and invasive plants.  Read on […]

Modern Front And Backyard Design Done In Parkland, FL. (Zen Design)

Modern House Design Parkland

This design, completed for a client in Parkland, Florida, showcases some of our best work. One of our favorite things to collaborate with our clients on is combining beauty with functionality. The Zen Design completed above incorporates an outdoor kitchen/dining room into the space so that the area is truly transformed into an extension of […]

Outdoor Kitchen Design Rendering (Weston, FL)

Outdoor Kitchen Design Weston

This is our latest backyard design that includes an outdoor kitchen, pool, spa, pavers and some landscaping. The L shaped kitchen is made out of porcelain wood tile and the bar countertop is made out of soapstone. This kitchen makes much more us of the space and adds a modern and elegant touch to the […]

Our 4th Landscape Installation In Valencia Cove! (Boynton Beach)

Boynton Beach Lanscape Design

We are honored to service such a wide range of locations with our landscaping designs and installations in the greater South Florida area. This Boynton Beach home originally had a very traditional, though somewhat outdated, front yard design. Dreamscapes by Zury worked to ensure that this yard would not only stand out, but inspire harmony, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Rock Garden Outside Your Home?

rock landscape

Landscaping with rocks may sound difficult, but it can actually be quite simple with a few new tips and some fresh ideas. An outdoor rock garden is one of the most innovative, interesting ways to transform the outdoor landscape of your home. With so many varieties, there are no two that will look alike. A […]

Front Yard Rock Landscaping Design (Lauderdale By The Sea)

rock landscaping design 2

The photos listed in this post highlight one of our favorite things to do! The owner of this Lauderdale by the Sea home did not want to completely reinvent their front yard space, but rather wanted to have their renovations inspired by elements they currently had and loved, like the two beautiful types of trees […]

The Best Landscaping Ideas For Luxury Homes (2018)

modern pergola

Creating a luxurious landscape design for your home can yield its fair share of questions, ideas, and concerns. That being said, you just have to find the right company that will help you come up with some unique ideas that will really showcase your new beautiful landscape and make it stand out from everyone else. […]

Japanese Outdoor Structure With Kitchen And Koi Fish Pond Installed In Parkland, FL.

landscape design

This finished installation is one of our all-time favorite projects. The client’s style meshed beautifully with our designers’ ideas and yielded an interesting, mesmerizing, and harmonious outdoor space. Whenever our clients are willing to incorporate water features into their designs, we jump at the chance! We believe that water features are incredibly beneficial to the […]

Top 10 Japanese Zen Gardens You Should Visit (2018)

zen garden

Whenever you hear the word garden, you may have thoughts about flowers, fountains, butterflies, trees, streams of water, or just natural beauty, and that’s because it’s all about nature! But what comes to mind when you hear the word zen garden? Maybe that term is even new to you or you’ve heard of it before, […]