Parkland Front Landscape Design


     When our clients contact us, they know that we are happy to work with any existing landscape features that they currently cherish, but we also love the challenge of completely re-defining an outdoor space. The front entrance to any home is the first thing any one will notice about it. Whether its just your current neighbors, prospective buyers of your house in the future, or just yourself after a long day away from the home, we want your yard to be as beautiful, peaceful, and as reflective of your style as any other part of your property. This home in Parkland Golf and Country Club in Parkland, Florida showcases a natural combination of living and inanimate gardens to enhance the overall appearance of the area.

     In this design, we were tasked with creating a sense of continuity between a few sections of the front yard, with the main focus being the main entrance. This type of landscaping is common in places like Parkland, Florida, a growing community with increasingly limited outdoor space. We always aim to draw connections and create a flow within the property of our clients, but also to make the overall appearance of the landscape as open and large as possible. In this case, we combined several different plant/rock types to draw the eye both up and outward, yielding a pleasing and expansive response. One of the best, little known ways to create a sense of cohesion in separate spaces is by utilizing the floor space in a creative way. In this design, we create a pattern in rock gardens that moves from one space to the other, as though a river of rocks flows under the driveway, bringing the elements together.   

     The subtle and simple color scheme of this Parkland home is brought to life by just a few slight pops of color in the front yard, but it completely changes the entire landscape. We only want to enhance the beauty of the home, not overshadow it. The dark features of the house are reflected in the dark colors at the base of the installation, but the range of heights and colors throughout the design prevent it from simply blending into its surroundings. The flowers and plants incorporated into this design thrive in the South Florida climate that Parkland exists in. Parkland, Florida experiences all of the weather ups and downs that every South Florida location deals with. This is why we chose to work with plants that work uniquely well in this climate, as well as a rock garden that provides stability and harmony all-year-round.

     This Parkland front yard will not only survive the rigors of the climate, but it also requires minimal maintenance and landscape management by our client, the home-owner, who’s busy schedule does not allow for constant upkeep of their outdoor space. Years of experience and a diverse client base have provided us with endless landscaping ideas that work specifically with the climate and terrain of any home. The Dreamscapes by Zury team loves to work in Parkland landscape designs, providing the level of detail and care such a beautiful community consisting of our friends and neighbors deserves.

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